Many surprised at the omission of Anthony Hopkins in the Oscar nominations

Last month’s Oscar nominations brought a lot of surprises for pundits to argue about endlessly, and one of those surprises is the fact that Anthony Hopkins did not get on the Best Actor list for his role as director Alfred Hitchcock. While this was not his typical role type, the film was seen by many as a great success, and his role played a primary part in this type of critics.

Of course it may not match the extravagant performance of Joaquin Phoenix in the The Master, but some of the other films on the list can leave you scratching your head as to what these people were thinking. While the individual role of the actor is crucial, there is also the fact that the whole movie has to be interesting and fun, which was definitively the case here, and brought back memories of the late Hitchcock himself.

Back in the 1950s he was the talk of the town after his movie North By Northwest was released in cinemas, and he was already working on another project. But Hitchcock’s bosses at his production company Paramount did not see it the same way when they picked Psycho, basing it on the real life story of killer Ed Gein.

Hitchcock had to mortgage his house and put his reputation on the line in order to get his personal project off the ground. But in this case, The Girl was nothing except a success. Toby Jones showed a Hitchcock that was a sympathetic character who could charm anybody, drink a little, and possessed a good philosophy towards women. Hopkins is also a lot like the famed director Jones.

Yet for anyone doubting, simply watch Hopkins and then the Hitchcock productions to get a good idea of his performance. Both were masters of suspense.