Mark Wahlberg wants more of The Fighter

Actor Mark Wahlberg who started in the movie, The Fighter, with Amy Adams, Melissa Leo and Christian Bale and cannot imagine not filming a sequel of his role as Micky Ward, the frustrated boxer that turned pro in the 1980’s after training with his brother.

The movie received seven academy award nominations and David O. Russell the film’s director has worked with Wahlberg in I Heart Huckabees and Three Kings. Wahlberg has said the prospect of the filming of a sequel has been received well by all those involved in the film. The thought is still in the early stages he told Entertainment Weekly but he said it was an incredible experience and would be unimaginable to think they wouldn’t want a sequel.

Oscars for the movies were won for Best Supporting Actress (Melissa Leo) and Best Supporting Actor (Christian Bale) and director David is pushing to get a second movie moving saying he is getting phone calls telling him to make sure it gets done. Wahlberg is enjoying time off, after have such a strict regime for the training prior to the filming of the movie saying, as he stuffed his face, that people noticed the changes in his body.