Mark Zuckerberg not happy with The Social Network

It didn’t take too long for Mark Zuckerberg to voice disapproval about how he is portrayed in the film The Social Network.  In a speech he recently gave at Stanford, he took issue with the film’s depiction of him as creating Facebook as a means of making friends and gaining access to exclusive clubs.

He said that people don’t like to admit that some people build things simply for the sake of building them.

He told his audience that the filmmakers, who wrote the screenplay based upon the book, The Facebook Effect, got another part of the plot line incorrect.  In the film a fictional character named Erica Albright rejects Zuckerberg.  Zuckerberg protests that he was then involved with Priscilla Chan, who is his current girlfriend.

The dating information came from The Facebook Effect and is credited with having occurred while Zuckerberg and Chan were separated for a period.  Perhaps the lack of recollection on Mr. Zuckerberg’s part is selective.

Otherwise, Zuckerberg congratulated the filmmakers on getting his wardrobe right.  Facebook itself has not commented directly on the film, which has grossed more than $80 million to date and met with much critical acclaim.