Matt Dillon is a busy man at the moment

Whiskey Bay is an independent drama directed by Chris Brinker and it is set to star William Dafoe and Matt Dillon. Dafoe will be playing a tough, veteran cop who busts former Aryan Brotherhood member, Jesse Wheeler, played by Dillon. Wheeler is an ex-con who is trying to sort his life out but gets enrolled as an undercover operative to expose illegal activities within the Brotherhood.

The film is being shot in Louisiana and is being produced by Matt Rhodes, Jim Crabbe, Kevin Chapman, Scott Einbinder and Nancy Green-Keyes. The script is by Jonny Hirschbein. Dillon is also starring in a film with Kristen Wiig and Annette Bening, Imogene, which premieres at the Toronto Film Festival. He has also finished Sunlight Jr. with Naomi Watts and Pawn Shop Chronicles with Brendan Fraser and Elijah Wood.