Mel Gibson car and career crash

Mel Gibson is not having a nice summer.   Now he’s got a five-figure repair bill for his $110,000 Maseratti, which had to be towed from the scene of an accident on Malibu Canyon Road on Sunday night.

California Highway Patrol officers said that there was no indication of alcohol, drugs or other impairment such as cell phone use at the time of the accident.  Mr. Gibson lost control and the car veered into the hillside, and one theory is that he may have nodded off.  Gibson says he just doesn’t know how it happened, and no charges were filed.

Mel Gibson’s illustrious career as actor, director and producer has been virtually destroyed by his raucously abusive behaviour towards James Mee, an LA county deputy sheriff, and his attacks on Oksana Grigorieva, the ex-mistress who may or may not have lost some teeth to his unleashed temper.  Gibson has avoided court appearances pertaining to his assault on Grigorieva, and the chief witness in that episode, a babysitter, passed away this weekend.

The once admired and respected celebrity has succeeded in turning almost everyone against him, and he’s not getting much sympathy for his damaged Maseratti.