Mel Gibson's ex-girlfriend now being investigated for extortion

It certainly feels like Mel Gibson has gone from Braveheart hero to zero over the last few years. His never-ending bad publicity has been following him around including allegations by his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva that he abused her.

Apparently there is now a new twist story as investigators had to look into the possibility that she attempted to extort money from the New York born Australian actor. It seems that the Los Angeles County sheriff’s department are considering the possibility of attempted extortion with regard to leaked tapes featuring the Mad Max star and his ex-girlfriend.

They are still considering allegations that he struck his girlfriend at a time when she had there infant daughter in her arms. It is understood that LA detectives have had the least one meeting with Gibson’s army of lawyers, and they have stated that there is absolutely no foundation to any abuse allegations with regard to domestic violence.