Miranda set to hit the big screen

The third season of the sitcom Miranda is rumoured to be the last one, and the final episode should be aired at Christmas. Main star, Miranda Hart, will find love and the open-ended final episode suggests that we may see a full-length film which will tell the rest of the story.

Miranda is currently one of the most anticipated sitcoms airing on TV and there have been many production companies who have declared their interest in making an entire movie based on the story. The end of the third season is the perfect opportunity to produce a full-length film.

Miranda Hart is excited about creating the entire script and working along with some of the sitcom’s stars. Tom Ellis, Sally Philips, James Holmes, Patricia Hodge and Sarah Hadland are just some of the actors who will perform in the film. Of course, Hart will try to get some famous actors to play cameo roles.

The source says: “Miranda is keen on keeping all the famous stars from the sitcom and inviting some new stars as well. She is really excited about this film and I’m confident that the final product will be fascinating.” Considering the profit which the TV series have generated through DVD sales, it is expected that the film will also generate a good amount of money.