Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is the latest film by Tom Cruise and he has said that its success indicates that many Hollywood filmmakers might be going to Dubai to make films. The film was largely filmed in the country and he said that it was an incredible experience. It is also said that many people in Hollywood are currently considering the possibility of making films in the area.

The tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa features prominently in the film and this is where a recent press conference about the film has been held. At the event, Mr Cruise commented, “I know several people in the industry who have displayed an interest in coming to Dubai to create a film. For a long time I have wanted to come here and make a film and it is not just me who think this part of the world is particularly interesting.”

The latest Mission Impossible film continues with the story of Tom Cruise playing Ethan Hunt, an elite intelligence agent. In the film he and his colleagues are working to prevent a nuclear war breaking out. In order to do this he must travel to Dubai where there are some breathtaking scenes that have been shot around the observation deck of the Burj Khalifa.

At the press conference he commented about the intense amount of preparation that the crew and actors had to do in order to perform the incredible stunts. He said, “I did a lot of preparation so that I would be able to perform the stunts properly and much of this involves getting over a fear of heights. Fortunately, everyone was very supportive.” Simon Pegg is co-starring in the film and stated how grateful he was that he did not have to perform the stunts himself.