Monaco Royal family proclaim Princess Grace film as pure fiction

The upcoming release of Grace of Monaco, a film about the life of Grace Kelly, is raising some concerns about its content and how accurate the portrayal of the film ends up being. Starring Nicole Kidman, the production was made by Olivier Dahan and is scheduled to be released in late 2013, focusing on the personal story of Grace as she became involved in the lives of Charles de Gaulle and Prince Rainier III.

However, many have started criticising the film’s content and historical inaccuracy, and the last occurrence ended up being Monaco’s Royal family, which called the production “pure fiction”, something that made Dahan speak out in defence of his film. While the director admitted that some scenes were fictional, he said this was done purely to help with the storytelling aspect of the production. For example, he admitted that Charles de Gaulle never went to the Red Cross Ball, something we can see in the film.

Speaking at a Paris Match magazine interview, Dahan also said that this was mostly just a misunderstanding. It seemed as if the Monaco royal family was asked to endorse the film when in fact they were never asked. The joint statement released the week prior by the Monaco Royal family was quite negative about the film, saying they had no connection with the production, and that the resulting film had several major historical inaccuracies. They also claimed that Dahan refused their requests to change some of the scenes.

Grace Kelly was a renowned actress before she joined the Monaco Royal family after marrying Prince Rainier Grimaldi in 1956, ending her career in Hollywood and starting a new career as a royal figure.