Money worries stops Bond film before it begins

Money woes have caused the latest 007 James Bond movie to be axed before its pending release in 2012, due to the fact that MGM, the Bond franchise major backer, is facing big cash problems.
The original budget set for the film by MGM which was referred to as ‘Bond 23’ was rumoured to be around £132m, with Sam Mendes tapped for director, screenwriter Peter Morgan signed up, and of course Daniel Craig as the blue eyed Bond.
Back in December of 2009 Morgan was ready to talk about the script he had written so far for the film, stating that it would shock Bond fans.
However, after production company reps Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson released a statement yesterday saying that development has been halted it looks as if fans may never get to experience the shock Morgan had in mind for them.
At the moment, MGM is fighting debts valued at £2.4b after facing a lacklustre performance of a string of misses in the box office. The studio is facing debtors at the moment and looking for a buyer for the historical film landmark, but all proposed mergers that have been discussed in the last four months have fallen through.
Pinewood studios will also face a major blow from the halted Bond production, which is where most of the filming usually is done. In fact, the notable Buckinghamshire film complex even named a stage 007 after the famous international spy.