Movie sequels that no one asked for

Nothing is original these days. Instead of trying new things, Hollywood still like to milk franchises or dish out sequels to films that didn’t really need one.

With that in mind, this list will look at eight upcoming movie sequels that no one asked for.

SPACE JAM 2 (no release date yet)

The original was an absolute classic. Michael Jordan’s acting was very wooden, but it was such a fun movie that it’s going to be hard to replicate it two decades later. Kids who loved the first one will be all grown up now and probably won’t want a modern sequel ruining a fond childhood memory. Also, Bugs Bunny has dropped in popularity with kids in recent years which asks the question; will it work? My guess is no, but with Fast Five director Justin Lin on board with Lebron James to star, who knows.


Now I wasn’t a die-hard fan of the first one but found it an enjoyable musical. Did it warrant a sequel? Not really. Others may disagree with me, but this just sounds like an unnecessary film. As far as we know there are no plot details released thus far but pretty much all the cast are set to return which is a positive I guess. Other ABBA hits absent from the original will be used this time around as well as some returning songs from the first one. If they’re going to reuse songs will it have the same effect on fans?

DIE HARD: YEAR ONE (no release date yet)

Do we need to see an aging Bruce Willis lazily stumble through another Die Hard movie? For me, yes. I love the Die Hard films, minus the fifth instalment, so I would like a new one to wash the bad taste out of my mouth that A Good Day to Die Hard left there. I can’t imagine there are many people like me as they would probably rather see the franchise end but apparently a sequel/prequel, which is a John McClane origin story, is in the works. The film will jump back and forth between past and present, so Willis will reprise his role; hopefully he tries a bit harder this time. With the right creative team, it has potential.


The plot for this is still unknown but I imagine it will follow the same Denzel-Washington-dispatching-goons-with-precision formula of the first one. I really liked the first one, it was a stylish, suspenseful action-thriller where Washington kicked a lot of ass. Do we need to see that again? Not really. My biggest concern is that they will turn this into another Taken, I’d rather it become another John Wick with cool characters, great action and an intriguing world, I guess we’ll find out next year.

TOY STORY 4 (2019)

Why are you doing this Pixar?! Toy Story 3 gave us the best ending we could ask for, yes it made us cry like babies, but it was a fitting end to a great trilogy. Bringing all these characters back for another outing would completely undermine the farewell between Woody and Andy, as well as the one between Woody and the audience. Pixar have a lot of smart cookies working for them, so an original idea wouldn’t be too hard for them, but instead they’re returning to a beloved franchise to milk it dry. At the end of the day, it’s Pixar, it’s not going to be a bad film but there is no way that they’re are going to be able to replicate the magic of the first three with another instalment.


Now I know what you’re thinking, this isn’t a sequel. That’s what I thought, but Dwayne Johnson confirmed this is a sequel to the original film. Granted, the film is flipping the script and the kids are sucked into the dangerous game as opposed to the dangers being released into the real world, which could be interesting. I haven’t been a fan of Johnson’s last few outings with Baywatch and Central Intelligence failing to squeeze any enjoyment out of me, couple that with Kevin Hart who, again, is a bit hit and miss for me. It is either going to go one of two ways; I’m going to be really surprised and enjoy the hell out of it, or it’s going to completely butcher and ruin the original’s legacy. I’ll let you know which one on December 20th.

SOLDADO (2018)

A follow-up to the 2015 film Sicario, which centres around the escalating drug war on the US/Mexico border. I really liked Sicario, it was a tense, gripping crime-drama with fantastic performances. Do we need a sequel? You’ll be sensing a bit of a trend here, but no we don’t but were getting one. Screenwriter Taylor Sheridan is back to write this one and he says it’s going to be darker than the original, in fact, “it makes the first one look like a comedy”, were his words. After his last few films, writer of Sicario and Hell or High Water as well as writer/director of Wind River, I will watch anything this guy puts to screen. With Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro set to return, it could be a solid sequel.

AVATAR 4+5 (2024, 2025)

One or two sequels I can handle but to announce a fourth and a fifth before the second one has even been released, that’s pushing it. James Cameron has taken on a monumental task, instead of just pushing out a great sequel to the highest-grossing movie of all time, he is filming four sequels back-to-back. I loved the first one when it came out, eight years ago, but to wait until 2020 for the first sequel, it asks the question; do people care anymore? And will they care even less when a fourth and fifth hit cinemas 4/5 years later? I wouldn’t bet against Cameron as he’s shown multiple times that he can deliver iconic, jaw-dropping cinematic experiences.