Muppets new movie

The Muppets is a new movie which tells the story of dreams and friendship through her diva pigs and plush frogs. It is a musical fantasy and will appeal to those who have fond memories of The Muppet Show. Many people who go to see this movie will not realise how much they missed The Muppets until they see this film.

At the centre of the movie is a new Muppet called Walter who doesn’t really fit in but despite this is perfectly happy. He is someone who enjoys watching reruns of the Muppet Show and he is invited to go to California with his brother and visit the Muppets Studios. Amy Adams plays the girlfriend of the brother and in her role you almost expect a bird to land on her shoulder at any moment.

When the characters arrive in Hollywood they find that the studio is in a state of disrepair. Kermit the Frog is living in an old mansion and the studios are being threatened to be torn down by an evil millionaire.For those who are fans of the original Muppets, the movie is definitely bittersweet; while the faces of the characters are the same the voices have been changed. This is something that could not been helped, the man who voiced many of the original Muppets died in 1990. Many of the other voices have also long since retired.

The movie should be enjoyed by people of all ages and it tells the story of where the Muppets went after the show ended. The number of cameo appearances in this movie is very impressive and Whoopi Goldberg as well as James Carville make appearances. Of course, this is the Muppets, and it wouldn’t be giving anything away to say the movie ends happily. Overall, a very enjoyable 90 minutes.