New Simon Pegg/Nick Frost film set for earlier release

The Worlds End is a new film that was set to be released in a couple of months. It features Nick Frost and Simon Pegg, and many of their fans may be pleased to know that the film will actually be released earlier than expected. In fact, the sci-fi comedy will be released a month early.

Originally, the film was scheduled to come out on August 14th, but Edgar Wright, the director of production, announced that it will now be released in a more favourable market, earlier than they originally planned to. In the UK, this means July 19 will be the release date. This film will be aired in cinemas all around the country, giving everyone a chance to see the pair in action again.

Wright directed it, and Pegg starred in the action suspense. The trio who also starred in the 2004 zombie flick where they first appeared on the big screen, and now they are back for us to enjoy. The story follow them as they grew up and become well known trailer celebrities, and follow their drinking problems. As they meet up 20 years later, they live an epic series of events, getting to an apocalyptic peak.