No one wants to date Emma Watson

She’s pretty, young and the star of one of the big movie franchises so why is it so tough for Emma Watson to catch a good guy. She of course has had her suitors like George Craig and Jay Barrymore but is currently single and set to mingle. The star of Harry Potter she regretted she has had difficulty with guys giving her even the time of day.

She has even asked her closest friends why the boys are not bothering to ask her. She wonders why Mr. X has not called or why no one pursues her. Her friends say she intimidates the guys because of the fame issue and the constant circus that surrounds her.

She says she feels she is 100 at times because of her experiences. Yet at other times she feels young, energetic, very naïve as if she is not as worldly as see really is. She says she is a terrible combination – self-critical, sensitive and shy. While a star she is also a typical young woman that is looking for love and it is doubtful she will be single for a long time especially since the world knows she is looking.