“Nobody’s perfect.” Tony Curtis passes away

Legendary Hollywood actor, Tony Curtis, has died at the age of eighty-five.  His daughter, actress Jamie Lee Curtis, disclosed the information that he had passed away in his Nevada home and no further comment was given.  Mr. Curtis recently had bouts with bad health and had been hospitalized for an asthma attack back in June.

Curtis starred in 140 movies during his 60-year career, but he was only nominated for an Oscar one time.  That nomination came for his part in “The Defiant Ones” opposite actor Sidney Poitier.  Curtis was well-known for roles in “The Boston Strangler,” “Spartacus”, and “The Sweet Smell of Success.”

Tony Curtis was a Hollywood icon, a heartthrob, and a talented actor.  His six marriages made him an object of almost as much interest as his movie roles.

His real name was Bernard Schwartz and he was born in 1925 in the Bronx, New York.  His parents were Hungarian immigrants.  His childhood wish was to become a movie star like his hero, Cary Grant.  His best remembered role was in the film, “Some Like It Hot,” co-starring Jack Lemon and Marilyn Monroe.

Once asked by a fan what should be written on his tombstone, Tony Curtis replied, “Nobody’s perfect.”  That is the last line in “Some Like It Hot.”