'Norfolk' film gets the go ahead

Groups BFI Film Fund, BBC Films and Creative England have all given the go signal to the production of Norfolk, a thriller produced by Finlay Pretsell and directed by Martin Radich. Norfolk is also the very first film that will be produced by the iFeatures2 development, since they started last October.

iFeatures2, Creative England’s flagship has already gained a reputation for being a natural fit for a few of the country’s different, interesting and up and coming filmmakers and filming talents.

Norfolk is director Radich’s second film, following his debut film Crack Willow, which was released in 2008. Norfolk also has the distinction of being the very first collaboration between the multi-awarded Finlay Pretsell and the director.

Norfolk centers around the life of an assassin who hides out in an idyllic town with his young son. Of course, the assassin’s past catches up with him, and in trying to protect his family and their future, he comes across issues of right and wrong.

The film’s executive producer was all praises for Norfolk’s director, stating that Martin is undoubtedly one of the country’s most original directors and film makers. It is no question then that this latest creation will again showcase the humanity, and individuality of his work. The town of Norfolk is the perfect setting to showcase the director’s unique vision for this story.

Besides Norfolk, there are three other projects that are to be expected from iFeatures2 roster. There is Spaceship, The Goob, and The Den. One of these three will be produced after Norfolk, although there is no clear decision that will be made until late March.

The chosen film and filmmakers will of course, expect to receive the same amount of support in their professional development. An intensive programme from the Creative Skillset’s Film Skill’s fund is also in the works for them. This programme will come with mentoring for industry successes, workshops and even shadowing opportunities. There will also be sales, online marketing and distribution guidance for the chosen filmmaker.