Original Batmobile sold at auction for £2.6m

The Batmobile used in the original Batman TV series from the 1960s was just recently sold at auction. The proud new owner is Rick Champagne, a 56-year-old business owner from Arizona, USA. His winning bid came in at a £2.6 million, and now he owns the car once driven by the first Batman Adam West.

A 1955 Lincoln Futura is what the Batmobile was created from by George Barris in 1966. The original vehicle was purchased for a mere 63p, as unbelievable as that may seem. After all the custom work, the car measured 19ft in length and has lasers, parachutes, one of the first in car phones, and an oil squirter made from lawn sprinklers.

Barris was the owner before the auction, and he took the car on extensive tours over the U.S. before housing it in a private showroom. Per Barris, the car needed to be seen as a star of the show itself, and it succeeded.

Now after the auction, the Batmobile has become one of the priciest TV or film vehicles, and is in a tie with the Astron Martin DB5 from the James Bond filmsThunderball and Goldfinger, which also sold for £2.6 million back in 2010.