Paranormal Activity 3

Paranormal Activity 3 is the follow-up to the first two films but is actually set before both of them. The film details why the two young sisters we see in the movie are being plagued by the strange entities we have seen in the first two films.

It seems that every year now Paranormal Activity will be releasing a new film around Halloween and it has somewhat taken over the role that the movie series Saw used to have. The first movie was regarded as excellent, especially considering that it had a very low budget.

While the second movie was also good it failed to live up to the first, most people therefore would expect that this third film to be another step down from the first and second movies. This is not the case though and while the movie is not as good as the first in the series it is certainly better than the second.

The movie has been set in the 1980s but this is not very apparent from the movie and other than some VHS tapes there is nothing really to suggest that it is any different from a present-day setting. The movie manages to avoid the problems of the second movie which spent much too long building to the climax.

The writer of the script is Christopher Landon, who also wrote the second movie and he does an excellent job. It is nice to see that he has introduced some humour to the movie which helps to relieve some of the tension.

The way he expands on the mythology of the original two movies is excellent but in general the movie is less scary than the first two productions. The movie builds at just the right rate and the final scene is excellent and will have audiences wanting more.