Parkland brings nothing new to the JFK story

People are always ready to buy into conspiracy theories because they are more entertaining than what the truth is. This point is emphasised further by the latest gloomy film about the assassination of President Kennedy. This is an attempted strike back at the ridiculous but very entertaining JFK film by Oliver Stone.

In this film, there is no CIA cover-up and Oswald is not a government-sponsored assassin, mob hit man or Russian spy but just a silly boy. The film has no mention of ‘grassy knoll’ something that many people find disappointing. Additionally, the film has no intrigue but is mostly like a reconstruction of a generally well-acted Crimewatch.

The film offers good enough turns from the terrified junior surgeon Zac Efron, the secret service agent Billy Bob acting as Abraham Zapruder and Paul Giamatti, the tailor who took the action using his home movie camera.

His rough footage has been at the centre of many conspiracy theories that are contradictory. To refute all the conspiracy theories, we see Zapruder as the sort of everyday person caught up in a great historical event. However, is there need to spend a lot of time watching him going to different labs in order to have his film developed.

Peter Landesman, the former journalist and the director tries to make the film look like a documentary but fails miserably in that he spends a lot of time focusing on so many characters and boring details. It seems that he does not have an idea on how to entertain viewers.

Generally, the film is quite pointless. This film would probably tell you something that you already know if you are the kind of person who does not believe in conspiracy. If you still think that the CIA, mobsters or aliens killed JFK after 50 years, I doubt that Zac Efron would be able to change your mind.