Peter Jackson gives a preview of 'The Hobbit' in Las Vegas

Peter Jackson has recently given a preview of his new film, The Hobbit, at a conference in Las Vegas. The preview only lasted for 10 minutes and it was not designed so much to show off the film itself, but show off the film technology that was behind it. This is the first film that has been shot with a frame rate of 48 per second, which is significantly higher than the normal rate of 24 frames per second.

The idea of using a higher frame rate is something that has been heavily promoted by James Cameron and Peter Jackson as the future of film making. However, the footage was not met particularly well by the audience and they said that it had a feeling as if it was a made-for-TV film.

24 frames per second has been the industry standard for over 80 years and having the higher frame rate is supposed to smooth out any juddering that can sometimes be seen in films. This is often seen when objects move quickly across the screen and it is something that some people find irritating.

Peter Jackson has stated that the higher frame rates should make things easier on the eyes and make the film seem more realistic. However, audiences found that the film looked too real and lacked proper contrast of colours. They described it is looking more like a TV soap, rather than a major motion picture. The audience described the actors is being over lit as if there was something wrong with the lighting.

Both of these directors have been promoting the format have said that it is going to give films the appearance of high-definition television, rather than traditional films. This is perhaps why people think that the film resembles television, more than a major Hollywood film