Pinewood Shepperton invests in British films

Millions of pounds worth of investment for British films has been promised by television studio and film group Pinewood Shepperton. This is a much welcome boost to somewhat ailing British movie industry. Pinewood’s state of the art facilities were used in 2010 for the filming of the latest Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean films. The investment plans are aimed as the smaller budgeted films, those with a production budget of around £2m can expect an investment of around 20%.

Ian Dunleavy, the chief executive has said that although the monetary investment many not seem very big, it is the access the production has to their facilities that will make all the difference. He also pointed out that there are also investments being made to improve their facilities even more.

He went on to say that Pinewood have shown impressive growth in all the key areas where the performance of their business was measured. Despite difficult times for broadcasters in general, their television arm was continuing to perform exceedingly well. The company as a while is the largest provider in Europe of studio and stage space, owning facilities at Teddington, Pinewood and Shepperton. Overseas expansion into Germany, Malaysia and Canada was successfully made in 2010.