Polanski’s The Ghost set for release

The film, The Ghost Writer, being released in the UK as The Ghost, has won serious acclaim at the European Film Awards.  It was quite a turnaround for co-writer and director Roman Polanski, who actually edited part of the film from prison.

If you remember, Polanski was detained in Switzerland earlier this year under threat of extradition to the United States on charges of sex with a minor, stemming from a more than 30-year old incident back in 1977.  Swiss authorities later freed him.

The film won Polanski an award for his directing and his writing and had more nominations than any other film at the ceremonies.  Polanski accepted his awards via Skype from his home in Paris, France, as he didn’t attend the event in Estonia.

Ewan McGregor won as “Best Actor” for the same film, in which he stars as a ghost-writer hired to pen the autobiography of a British Prime Minister.  McGregor could not be present either, since he was off shooting his most recent film in Thailand.

The Ghost Writer also won awards for its production design and its musical score.  One of the film’s producers, Timothy Burrill, was on hand to accept these awards.

Members of the industry did not play to the suggestion that Polanski’s win in any way suggested industry solidarity for the famous filmmaker’s legal problems.  They said that people simply liked the film and that Roman’s personal difficulties were not the type of things considered in such decisions.

During a recent interview in the U.S., the girl, now a woman in her forties, said that she personally was not seeking Polanski’s extradition and would rather just see it all dropped.