Producers add their own film to BitTorrent

Usually, if you went to BitTorrent in order to download a feature film that you wanted to see, there would be very few who would not consider this as copyright infringement, especially among the copyright holders. More often than not, when Hollywood films end up on the peer to peer network, the production houses try their best to stop it. They try to remove these copies, and get rid of the pirates.

But in the case of the latest Colin Firth production Arthur Newman, things are different. You may also find the film on BitTorrent networks, but this time it was its producers that put it there. The story about a former FedEx employee and golfer who became someone new after faking his death, changing his identity. The release on the peer to peer network is part of a marketing campaign by the studios.

Because of the nature of the film, the marketing company told Bloomberg that this seemed like a great way to promote the film, turning how the peer to peer network was used in the past on its head. The marketing move is meant to be a turning point in the industry.