Pulp is the first film exclusive to Xbox Live

Pulp is a British film that centres around a comic book creator that ends up somehow involved in a police operation to take down a drug cartel. It is also the very first film to skip cinemas and DVD release and instead is only available exclusively through the Microsoft Xbox platform. This is just the first of many as Microsoft has plans to release other films in a similar format.

Director Adam Handy sated that they had trouble getting the film to play at any cinemas because they did not have any ‘bankable stars.’ Hardy commented that due to the presence of downloading and the amount of retailers that are folding there is not much in the DVD market open.

However, Pulp has managed to carve out a place for itself with Microsoft and it can be purchased over the platform for £9.50 which works out to 1,120 Microsoft points or in HD for £12 which is 1,420 Microsoft points. Netflix also has large news this week as they are the only streaming service to get The Hunger Games this week which they expect to be one of the most streamed films of the week.