Rambo 5 given green light

Amazing as it seems Rambo is set to bring havoc and mayhem to the screen again in a new Rambo 5 adventure that this time will see our hero the Vietnam (very) veteran setting out to rescue a young girl abducted in Mexico’s border with the United States by drug traffickers, confirmed the studios.

Sylvester Stallone, now 63, will again to star in and direct, the reappearance of this character who had his last outing in 2008.

The latter raised in the US domestic market around $40 million and an additional $113 million in the international market, for a modest response compared with the first productions.

If that was not enough for a guy who is not far off picking up his bus pass Stallone will also be seen in yet another Rocky movie which will start shooting in spring next year in locations to be decided.

Although to be fair the last Rocky outing was far more like the original in feel and style and made us remember why the first Rocky was such a huge hit.

The history of the American soldier indestructible Rambo began in 1982 with the first production Rambo First Blood was released followed in 1985 by the imaginatively titled Rambo II and then Rambo III in 1988.

The actor and producer hopes to regain the glory of this character after more than two decades after having enjoyed his first great success.

Rambo is a saga of popular action films starring Sylvester Stallone. The film was cut from David Morrell’s story in his novel First Blood (which was the original title of the first film).

Author David Morrell wrote the origional books, and whose script was not involved. In both books Morrell added more elements to their stories that were not well liked in the films.

The Rambo films have been widely criticized for excessive violence. It is considered that the first part is the best in the series, since it has a tone that’s quite different from its follow-ups where Rambo becomes far more of a comic book super hero character rather than the misunderstood and lost veteran of the first movie.

It remains to be seen if Stallone can bring back the feel of the first movie as he managed to do with Rocky two years ago.