Ramona and Beezus review and trailer

Tween girls and younger kids in generally most likely will love the new ‘Ramona and Beezus’ film that brings Beverly Cleary’s beloved children’s novel to life in its full glory.

This age group is not going to mind the fact that the film lacks a strong plot, momentum, or the fact that the hair of one character is cut and re-grown all within a small time frame.  They also probably will not notice that after a back garden is decimated in one scene it is completely normal the next day.  That of course is the joy of creating a film for the young children.

While this sounds a little nit-picky, it is still disappointing that the creators of the film did not try for a stronger sense of storytelling given the fact that they had Cleary’s strong novel and vivid stories to help them out.

Although the script for the film, written by Nick Pustay and Laurie Craig, borrows many of Cleary’s tales from her book series, they present them as a serious of episodes within a film frame instead of creating a cohesive film which makes the overall project a bit lacklustre.

Toss in the fact that a jumpy score written by Mark Mothersbaugh backs every scene, and you have a recipe for a film that should be an instant favourite that somehow falls short.  Even more disappointing is the fact that the parents of the girls in the theatre should be receiving a treat as well given they most likely read the books as children as well, but instead the entire project falls a bit flat.

At least the cast is star studded (for children) with John Corbett, Selena Gomez, Bridget Moynahan, and Ginnifer Goodwin all signed into the cast.