Ray Winstone, The Sweeney, Nick Love, what more could you ask for

The Sweeney was a popular police drama during the 1970’s that took the parochial style of earlier police dramas and replaced it with much more grit and criminal dirt is to get a movie makeover.

The original drama series took a close look at the Metropolitan Police Flying Squad branch and showed the work of Detective Inspector Regan and his faithful assistant Detective Sergeant Carter.  For the time that it was written and shown in, it was much more shocking and violent than any other show that the British public was used to viewing on television.

However, it may be up to speed for modern times which make it fitting that there are rumours that a new silver screen version of the television show is in the works.  There were two full feature films produced in 1977 and 1978 based on the television series, but this would be the first modern adaptation of the British classic.

According to the Hollywood rumour mill, Ray Winstone from ‘The Departed’ has agreed to take on the role of DI Regan in a new film adaption is in the process of being written by Nick Love known for his work on ‘The Firm’ and ‘The Football Factory.’

An adapted screenplay has been rumoured to have been circulating through Hollywood studios for quite some time now but word on the street is that Love is a creating a new draft for the upcoming venture with Vertigo Films which is producing the motion picture likely hoping to see Love’s sharp wit and strong dialogue deliver a strong down and dirty police drama.

The rest of the casting is up in the air and a filming schedule has not yet been revealed.