Redford Spielberg eye Abraham Lincoln movies

Oscar winner and filmmaker Steven Spielberg doesn’t worry but knows there is an undeniable history of Hollywood bound movies being “beaten to the draw” by a competitor yielding a script for a similar project.

Spielberg recently insisted he was continuing on with his plan to release a biography of Abraham Lincoln.

This is in spite of hearing that another film making giant Robert Redford has plans to release a similar project. Variety has reported that Spielberg has no plans to cancel his film about Abraham Lincoln (played by Liam Neeson) who by virtue of winning the Civil War, ended slavery.

Even though Redford’s movie will be released before his, Spielberg told Variety that he believes the two projects are very different, and will stand on their own merits. His Independently financed project, starring James McAvoy and Robin Wright Penn, will start shooting next month announced Redford.

Instead of being a biography “The Conspirator,” will be about the assassination of the President by a confederate supporter, John Wilkes Booth. It will tell the story of one of Booth’s alleged aides, Mary Surratt (played by Wright Penn.) Frederic Aiken (played by James McAvoy) is a young war hero and visionary, who unwillingly defends Surratt and eventually comes to believe she is innocent.

The Pulitzer Prize winning Tony Kushner is currently revising the screenplay for Spielberg’s film, which is most likely to center on Lincoln’s obsession with the length and consequences of the Civil War.

Spielberg is also planning a remake of Oscar winner Henry Kosher’s “Harvey” a 1950 comedy originally starring Jimmy Stewart, whose best friend is an invisible, six-foot tall rabbit. Robert Downey Jr will play the title role in the remake. .