Remembering the cult classic American Graffiti

In 1972, George Lucas proposes to Harrison Ford the role of the speed enthusiast Bob Falfa in his next film, American Graffiti. Harrison accepted the role because it feels substantial enough and says he can see the potential success of the film.

In order to film his scenes he had his to have his hair cut, but fearing that may stop other possible offers that might come later, he suggested to George Lucas and Bob Falfa that he wears a cowboy hat. The film premiered in the summer of 1973 and raised over twenty million dollars during its first distribution in cinemas. Despite this success, Harrison returns to his carpenter’s work because of the salary received ($600) for the filming of this movie, is insufficient to live on. However, his motivation to try a career in cinema reinvigorates.

Harrison Ford regains his enthusiasm and again starts accepting small roles. After doing some carpentry work in the office of Francis Ford Coppola he receives a script from Coppola for the movie The Conversation with Gene Hackman as a star. He would play the role of Mark, but in the last minute, Frederic Forrest gets the role, Harrison is annoyed by this. However, thanks to this role Graffiti role, the young actor is starting to be talked about it in Hollywood.

In 1976, Harrison Ford gets a few roles for television. During some work on George Lucas’s house, they decide to collaborate with the actors giving a spot in his next film, because Harrison did not want to do an audition and George did not want to work with new faces. Lucas has decided that an actor is right for the role of Han Solo.