Review and trailer Metopia

Directed by the versatile Tarik Saleh, a Swedish animator, producer, director and journalist of Egyptian origin, Metropia is an animated sci-fi flick.

The cinematography of the film is unique in the sense that it involves techniques where actual photographs were taken first, then distorted heavily in computer programs before being animated.

The film had a production cost of just $5 million, and the running time is hardly 90 minutes. Premiered at the Venice Film Festival on September 3, 2009, Metropia is currently enjoying considerable success in the Scandinavian region.

The innovative storyline was set jointly by Tarik Saleh, Fredrik Edin and Martin Hultman. The plot is set in a panicked Europe in distant future, where the oil crisis is severe.

The whole of Europe is joined together by a mammoth underground network of tunnels. The story is built around an apparently mediocre man hailing from a humble suburb of Stockholm, Roger, who senses that there is something weird about the world, and is disturbed by the underground network, hence avoids it.

But a sudden turnaround of events takes place when Roger is rudely awakened by the terrifying truth that life is controlled by a mystic force. The rebel inside Roger suddenly reveals, and breaking free becomes his ultimate goal. He finds Nina, a super-model as his comrade and marches on to find the truth.

Featuring Vincent Gallo as Roger, the central character and Juliette Lewis as Nina, the animated sci-fi flick is thrilling to watch. It took four years to develop the story, and all the real life photographs and endorsing materials had to be taken before launching the final animation work.

The very idea of picking up the characters for the film from the ordinary pedestrians in the streets is striking, and paid off very well. Sesse Lind, the main photographer has travelled all over Europe to pick up the right locations for the film. And after two years of hard toil in the studio, the production has finally come off very well.