Rhys Ifans will be Spiderman baddy

As the newest Spiderman film begins shooting in December, it will be a comedic actor playing the villain.  Although we don’t know which bad guy he will be playing, actor Rhys Ifans, best known for funny rolls in films such as Notting Hill, will be the super villain in the latest Spiderman.

He will be facing off versus Andrew Garfield, the actor cast in the Peter Parker character.  Ifans impressed executives at Sony in his role Edward de Vere in the soon to be released Shakespeare thriller called Anonymous.  Ifans, in his character, plays the man rumoured to be the genuine author of the Bard’s work.

His other credits include a co-starring role in Nanny McPhee Returns.  In Mr. Nice, he plays a drugs baron named Howard Marks.

Another Spiderman cast mate was announced, as it was revealed, as Emma Stone will play the part of Gwen Stacy, beside Garfield and Ifans.