Schwarzanegger set to return to movies

The former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzanegger has announced his interest in returning to acting. The question remains what kind of roles will be offered to a 63 year old actor that has been out of the business for eight years.

Some say there is a possibility he will receive the same exact roles as before. The possible revival of the Terminator series was reported by Deadline New York.  The series rights were purchased last February of $29.5 million and a new T5 would need some agreement to be agreed to with Pacificor, the hedge fund that bought the rights, but the studio has already gone ahead and chosen their creative.

Universal, in a Come back McG maneuver, is wanting to rehire both Justin Lin, director of the 5th Fast and the Furious movies and Chris Morgan, scriptwriter of the 5th Fast and Furious line of films – Fast 5, as well.

This fast and furious may be a lot of f-this and f-that but it is minimal compared to what is flying throughout cyberspace as this moment with Terminator fans knowing there is a possibility to inflict more degradations and pain to their favorite celluloid figure.

Schwarzenegger will be welcomed back like a king resurrected but the same cannot be said for Morgan and Lin, they may be about as welcome as Douglas Carswell MP is welcomed at a conventions for symmetrically mouth folk.

The Terminator movies are not the only ones to be looked at, why not visit others that took him to global box star stardom from gym rat status. Red Heat is one reprise that would be accepted and he could play a lead role as a Russian detective.