Schwarzenegger may come back with ‘The Last Stand’

After almost eight years as governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger says he’s ready to do some more movies.  Since his last term was up in January this year, the man of action has been reading scripts and it sounds like he has settled on two just for starters.  The most likely according to latest reports is ‘The Last Stand’, a story about a sheriff in a U.S.-Mexican border town at war with a Mexican drug lord.

The film has been described by its director Jee-woon Kim as “kind of a combination of Die Hard and High Noon” and Andrew Knauer, who wrote the script, has described it as “awesomeness meets badassery”.   Liam Neeson was originally slated for the role, but when he bowed out for unrevealed reasons, Schwarzenegger was approached and he seems to like it.  The word is he’s close to a commitment.

The other possibility as a vehicle for Arnie’s come back is ‘The Tomb’, directed by Antoine Fuqua.  This one has an interesting story line:  through a miscarriage of justice, an expert in structural security winds up in a prison of his own design.  However, production of the film may be delayed due the director’s other commitments, so ‘Last Stand’ will most likely come first, if not foremost.

No more Conan the Barbarian, but Arnie is also working with Stan Lee, creator of the Hulk and X-Men amongst others.   The ex-governor will be the voice of an animated ‘Governator’ in a new TV series about a global terror crime fighter with lots and lots of superpowers and an Arnold Cave with submarine access under his house.  And yes, the Governator is an ex-governor.  For real.