Screenwriter accuses Mel Gibson of 'hating Jews'

Screenwriter Joe Eszterhas has said in an open letter to Mel Gibson that filmmaker and actor ‘hates Jews’. This attack comes after the rejection by Warner Bros. of the screenplay Eszterhaus wrote for the film Gibson is making about Judah Maccabee.

The letter,which has been published on the openly accuses Gibson of not actually wanting to make the film at all and is in fact sabotaging it. It says that Eszterhaus has come to the conclusion that Gibson won’t make The Maccabees for the ugliest of reasons; that he hates Jews.

Eszterhaus also wrote that Gibson was only making the film to try and make Jews convert to Christianity. According to The Wrap, Warner Bros. announced on Wednesday that they would not be using the script submitted by Eszterhaus and that they were now deciding what to do with the project.

Gibson was quick to write a response to Eszterhaus, which was published in the Los Angeles Times, and he said that the script has arrived late, was substandard and on the whole a complete waste of time.

He added that according to his (Eszterhaus’) assertion that he was only developing The Maccabees to burnish his already tarnished reputation, he wished to point out that this project has been worked on for 10 years, and was announced 8 years ago. Gibson finished off with saying that the simple fact was that neither he nor Warner Bros. wanted to make a film based on that script.

The involvement of Gibson in a film that is based on Judah Maccabee’s life has been strongly criticised by Jewish groups, and they made their opinions known when he signed a production deal for the film with Warner Bros. Studio in September 2011.

Many of the Jewish community were angered by ‘The Passion of Christ’, Gibson’s 2004 film, and he did nothing to redeem himself by then voicing anti-Semitic remarks to a police officer during a drunken rampage