Sean Bean stabbed outside pub

Sean Bean movie hardman was stabbed then returned the bar accompanied by a sexy model to go another round. Bean, 52, was punched in the face and stabbed with a broken glass in the arm after a bust up near a local pub.

A passer by made a lewd remark to his drinking partner, April Summers, so he came to her defence. Still bleeding Bean would not go to the hospital but instead went into the pub ordered another round and the bar staff patched him up.

Bean stars in Game of Thrones the current TV hit and had been having a drink with April, 30 years younger than he, in the Hill on Haverstock pub, North London. A staff member said Sean is a regular we have never had trouble before.

He was with a very beautiful woman and outside the bar an incident took place. Sean returned with a cut to the arm and a bruise near his eyebrow. We dressed his wound with the first aid kit and he wanted another drink. Bean received his acclaim from the military drama Sharpe and then starred later in Lord of the Rings and last December divorced his wife Georgina Sutcliffe.

Uncouth comments were made by a passer-by, said one witness, about April, the former Playboy Playmate and Ben challenged the guy. Later he went outside to have a cigarette and he was approached by someone who stabbed him with a broken glass in the arm and punched him to the face.