Sean Connery accused of laundering 40 million Euros

Sean Connery and his wife, the former mayor of Marbella, and the former urban advisor of Marbella all stand accused of involvement, to varying degrees, in a property sale, money-laundering and tax swindling scam.  For Mr. Connery’s part, he and his wife are accused of avoiding taxing and diverting funds as part of a development deal involving property he owned in Marbella.

After being ordered to court back in October, Mr. Connery responded with a letter saying that he and his wife could not make the trip due to infirmities associated with their advanced age.

The court has since ordered that the principals, named above, be placed on bond.  They have ten days to respond to the bond and if they are financially unable to provide it, the court has made arrangement to seize property.

An investigation has found that much of the profit from the sale and development of Connery’s property was diverted to Uruguay and Britain.  No taxes were paid on the transactions and Mr. Connery stands accused of participating in money laundering to the tune of nearly 40 million Euros.

These are very serious charges and there is little doubt in the mind of experts that Sean Connery shall be made to stand trial in Spain at some point or another.  It is anticipated that he and his lawyers will actively fight any determination that he must travel to a Spanish court.  The Spanish government has, however, seriously increased the stakes with this recent demand to meet bond.