Sequel for Finding Nemo planned with Andrew Stanton back at the helm

Fans of the 2003 film, Finding Nemo, are going to be delighted to hear that a sequel has been planned for release in the next few years. It is thought that production is going to start in the near future and it has been confirmed that the Oscar-winning film maker, Andrew Stanton, is going to be returning to the team to write and direct.

This is good news for Andrew Stanton as it assures a return to success after the failure of his most recent film, John Carter. Since the release of the original film, it has brought in nearly US$1 billion in revenues, and it was also critically acclaimed. Both of these factors pretty much guarantee that the sequel is going to be a success no matter what happens.

Mr Stanton has commented, “Introducing this project I really want to keep it true to the original. I understand that the original film is why people love the films and I really want to make this sequel as good as possible so it satisfies all audiences.” The film maker who is 46 years old has also written screenplays for such notable films as Toy Story and Monsters Inc.