Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

This is the inevitable sequel to the first Guy Richie film, and despite the scene being set for this sequel, the first 10 minutes will have you in absolute turmoil and you could be forgiven for thinking you had walked into the wrong cinema. Stick with it, once this nonsense is out of the way we are treated to a very good film with some excellent performances.

There are few frustrations however, that the faults both reviewers and audiences pointed out that existed in the first film still remain, and the fast editing and overblown choreography that adds nothing to the film are still firmly in place. These grievances aside, the film is highly enjoyable and the relationship between Holmes and Watson now seems to be a genuine friendship and partnership, which is very agreeable

Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law return to their respective roles and the camaraderie between them gives the impression that a strong bond exists between the two off screen, and the film is all the better for it. Another notable addition is the sterling performance from Jared Harris as the infamous Moriarty.

The battle of wits and cunning that takes place between Holmes and his arch nemesis is enthralling to watch. There is a great sense of calm and concentration that exudes from the screen and the audience are treated to an acting master class from these two, and after the excessive opening sequence this is extremely welcome.

One bugbear of this particular reviewer is that the brilliant Stephen Fry is sadly underused in his marvellous portrayal of Mycroft, Holmes’ elder brother. That aside, this is a good film with an excellent cast that may not set the box office exactly alight, there will certainly be a few flames. An enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours, once you get past the first 10 minutes that is.