She’s Out of My League review trailer

The new romantic comedy She’s Out of My League is a film that actually surprises the viewer in a good way making it well worth the time and price of a box office ticket even though you may not recognize the leading roles instantly.

Actress Alice Eve wonderfully takes on the role of Molly who is a hot event planner and lawyer making her just a little feminine and a little self-assured business woman. As the plot goes, she is flying through Pittsburgh one day when she loses her mobile in the terminal and it is found by security personal member Kirk played by Jay Baruchel.

Baruchel typically plays the sidekick skinny nerdy counterpart of most comedies, but here he gets to take on one of the leading roles as he begins to date Molly after as Kirk after returning the mobile and scoring a few hockey tickets from her in the meantime.

Given the fact that the Molly is gorgeous and Kirk is well, a nerd, it’s a rough match to believe but keep in mind that Molly has just got out of a rough relationship and even if it looks odd it is the plotline.
From here, the plot lives off of the funny antics and mis-mesh of comical situations such as smart mouthed sidekicks, crazy best friends, and plenty of irritating family members.

However, what saves the film from being just another romantic slapstick comedy is the fact that the entire film is surrounded by a sweet spirit that cannot help but leave you connected with the characters.