Short film to be filmed in Caithness

Film students from the University of York will shoot some scenes of a 25 minute film entitled “A War Story” in Caithness, a woodland community in Scotland. This film shooting will happen from February 1 to 10, and among the chosen locations are Dunnet Forest and the Wick Territorial Army Hall. After the filming, the students are planning to show it in the festivals next year.

The short film, which has 20 crew and cast members, has the outbreak of World War I as the setting. It will narrate the story of a young man who will join the army, which will eventually cause an argument between his British and German families.

According to the film producer, Ian Packard, high-quality and Hollywood standard lights and cameras will be used during the shooting. The production will also utilise Red Epic, the kind of camera that was used in filming “The Hobbit”.

The producer also added that they are overhelmed by the support that the people in Caithness are providing and he said that the residents of the community are being extremely helpful in the production of the film.

Scotland has also been used as the setting for war-themed film productions in the past. One example is “Raid”, a British propaganda film,which used Portmahomack as the location of the shoot in 1942. The residents of the place who were watching the shooting, as well as those who became extras, were asked not to mention anything about the film.

The film was directed by Jiri Weiss, a Jew who was born in Prague, and was later forced to evacuate Czechoslovakia because of the take over of Germany in 1938. At the outbreak of World War II, an anti-craft group shot their expedition from Dundee to Aultbea with the use of a pinhole camera. It remained in the US until the closing of the war because of security reasons. At present, the film is kept in the archive of Dingwall Museum.