Sky project offers much needed funds for British film makers

The broadcaster Sky have recently announced that they are going to be launching a project that is going to offer millions of pounds of funding to British film producers. In the past the network has received a great deal of criticism for not investing in UK content. However, in order to counter this criticism, the company said that they will be offering up to £5 million for each new production.

Channel 4 and the BBC currently fund feature films and it is expected that Sky is wanting to compete in this market. However, while the films from the BBC and Channel 4 often appear in cinemas, Sky have said that their films will only be appearing on television.

A statement from the broadcaster read, “Over the next five years we are going to be offering funding to create several feature length productions which are primarily going to be aimed at families. These productions are going to be available for viewing on the Sky Movies channels.”

Sky is currently encouraging people to approach them with pitches for films which they might be interested in funding. Several films are already in production and are set to be released at some point next year