Sky strike a new deal with Warner Bros.

The pact that exists between Sky and Warner Brothers, is wide-ranging, and it seems as if in the future they will be collaborating together on films in order to boost the distribution of the films made by Warner Brothers in the UK.

The new agreement is another between the two companies, and films that are created by Warner Brothers are going to be available on Sky’s paid service six months after the theatrical release, which is much sooner than previously.

Additionally, when the films come onto the television with Sky, they are going to remain exclusively available on the service for a year before they are allowed to be shown on other channels. Warner Brothers create some of the most notable films around, so there is no question that this is going to be a beneficial arrangement for both companies.

Sky television is also something that is available through many other devices such as smart phones, and games consoles. Users of the Sky service are also going to be able to rent these film through the DVD rental service offered by the company, something that is not going to be available to people who do not subscribe.