Slash film picked up by Anchor Bay

The rights to ‘Nothing to Fear’, the horror film that see the Guns n Roses guitarist Slash make his producing debut on his new label Slasher Films,  have been picked up by Anchor Bay. Slash’s production partners are Michael Williams and Rob Eric, and the director is to be Anthony Leonardi III, the storyboard and creature artist who worked on both Rango and the upcoming 47 Ronin.

Shooting of the film starts next month in Louisiana, and Slash will also be co-producing the score for the film. According to the statement put out by AnchorBay, Nothing to Fear centres around a family whose dreams of a better life in a small American town are savagely derailed  by a man of the cloth who is at the same time charismatic and emotionally conflicted.

The film is set set in and around the town of Stullin Kansas, which Anchor Bay says is rumoured to be one of the 7 gateways to Hell. The film is now in pre-production and the cast includes Anne Heche, Willa Holland and James Tupper.

Kevin Kasha is the VP of acquisitions and pre-production for Anchor Bay, says that the company wanted to work with Slash as soon as he announced the formation of his horror label in September, and they were even more excited once they had  read the script.

He added that Anchor Baywas the perfect home for a film such as Nothing to Fear. Slash has said that Leonardi’s vision of the film was dark and unnerving, just how he had envisaged it.