Snow White casting up in the air

Up to today it seemed that Snow White, Relativity Media’s movie with Tarsem Singh as director and staring Julia Roberts was a go-ahead, as all the actors in leading roles were set – Lily Collins as Snow White and Prince Andrew played by Armie Hammer and its release date of June 29, 2012 was earlier.

Nevertheless, Universal’s recent signing of Thor’s Chris Hemsworth as the lead male in Snow White and the Huntsman makes it easier for them to now challenge Relativity and their release date was moved forward a full six months from December to June 2012, four weeks prior to Relativity’s Snow White films has its release. The move is likely because if two movies with similar themes are competing the movie that is released the earliest will get all the glory.

If the regular December release would have been stuck to by Universal, then they both may have co-existed with some comparison but very little competitiveness. But the Universal move makes it a horse race and with this type of competition there is usually only one left standing. Singh’s Snow White starts with evil stepmother, Roberts, killing Snow White’s father and destroying the kingdom, stay tuned.