Soul Surfer tells quite a tale

Anybody who loves to surf or just to watch the experts do it will get a rush from Soul Surfer. This film has some truly awesome scenes that could only be accomplished by a combination of hot-shot surfing expertise and even more amazing camera and special effects work. However, there’s more to the movie than surf and sun and hard bodies.

Soul Surfer is based on the true story of Bethany Hamilton, which any dedicated surfer already knows. She’s a native-born (blonde) Hawaiian who began surfing as soon as she could stand on a board, but lost her left arm to a tiger shark when she was just 13 years old.

This is the story of a comeback against all odds, and it’s quite a tale in itself. Add some whopping big waves, a very skillful film crew and a remarkable performance by Anna Sophia Robb as Bethany and you have a beaut of a surfer movie.

Now you can add a few more attractions, including Carrie Underwood in her first feature film role, Dennis Quaid as Bethany’s Dad and Helen Hunt as her Mum. Carrie plays a youth group leader and close friend of Bethany’s and no, she doesn’t sing. Reviews are mixed as to whether she acts, but she sure is cute. The film is hailed as ‘inspirational’ by surfing devotees and a lot of non-surfers as well.

According to insiders, Anna Sophia is truly ‘into’ the role. She had to learn how to surf, and actually got lessons from Bethany as well as other pro surfers. Director Sean McNamara made very good use of his background scenery, which is the real thing, namely the major surfing playgrounds of Oahu and Kuaui in Hawaii. Both for its underlying message of faith and determination and its fabulous surfing scenes, Soul Surfer is a good one.