Spielberg to shoot movie on Dartmoor

Steven Spielberg, the legendary Hollywood director, will be shooting his upcoming film on a British moor.

The backdrop of Spielberg’s latest project, War Horse, will be Dartmoor.  The film is an adaption of the novel written by Michael Morpurgo who is from Devon.  The plot revolves around a horse that is sold off to the cavalry and then later shipped over to France during WWI and the young owners attempt to bring his horse back home.

Author Morpurgo stated that he is aware they will be shooting the film in London and on Dartmoor and is excited and hopeful that he will get to go visit the set and watch some of the filming.

Morpurgo also added that he is delighted that Spielberg will be working with Kathleen Kennedy on the adaption of his novel, explaining that they have made Saving Private Ryan, ET, and Schindler’s List, which are some of the best films he has seen.  Thus, he is hoping that they can produce a magical film out of his book as well.

Also involved with the upcoming film will be the star talent of David Thewlis and Emily Watson with Richard Curtis and Lee Hall as the screenwriters.