Sponsored Video: James Franco, Fact Checkers Unit, SXM and Samsung

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James Franco is starring in the latest episode of the branded entertainment franchise web series, ‘Fact Checkers Unit’. SXM and Samsung have released a bonus episode called ‘James Franco is Preggers.’ Franco plays a villain who can transform himself into any shape or form. Our two heroes, Dylan and Russell, played by Brian Sacca and Peter Karinen, are given a photo leading them to believe he is pregnant and so set out to check the facts.

If you’re confused, don’t worry, the results are hilarious mayhem as the FCU go about their business of checking facts for celebrity and entertainment magazines. Samsung sponsor the series and it is produced by SXM, a leading digital studio who have worked with Coca Cola, CBS, NBC and Disney, among others, producing online entertainment. The FCU series actually began as a short film starring Bill Murray in 2008 but now has over fifteen million viewers.

As in previous series of the Fact Checkers Unit, Samsung will be using the show to promote their Smart phones. In this latest series the GALAXY Note 5.3 gets an outing as Dylan and Russell use the latest Samsung hardware in their search for the truth. The Galaxy Note is a good piece of kit for them to get their hands on, with an immersive large screen, great pen-input features and the all the portability of a smartphone.

Since it was launched five months ago, the Note 5.3 has already topped five million sales. Samsung are also offering a Premium Suite upgrade to consumer which includes enhanced productivity tools and an Android 4.0 OS upgrade. The FCU series is a great example of how branded entertainment franchising can work. In 2010 the show won an award for best branded entertainment at BANFF.