Sponsored Video – James Franco plays with the Samsung Galaxy digital camera

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The esteemed actor James Franco is one of those names that every company want to promote their products, and Samsung have accomplished just that with their latest advertising campaign for the Samsung Galaxy digital camera. Even though we all know that these devices are advancing in leaps and bounds, there were certain areas where they were let down, until now that is.
These issues tended to be those photos with the human element, photos of people with their eyes shut, or cameras being lost resulting also in the loss of many irreplaceable images. The latest generation of Samsung digital cameras aims to address not only these issues but many more besides. There are several new features that enable everyone to take the kind of photos they always dreamed of, and tweak those that aren’t quite perfect.

In the new campaign with James Franco, many of these features are highlighted, including one that enables you to capture the best face by taking not only one but several almost simultaneous portrait shots so you can select the best face from one single pose, saving a lot of time and frustration. In the accompanying video, we see James at a party snapping away happily and creating great shots thanks to the easy to use features within the camera.

We have all had that awkward moment when we have the perfect shot and at the last minute someone shoves their head in. Thanks to the photo wizard, you can crop the picture to cut out the ‘photo bomber’ without compromising any of the quality or clarity of the shot to produce the perfect image.

The camera also links directly to the Internet, allowing you to save your files instantly and this is not only a fun way of instantly sharing your photos with others, it also offers a practical back up should the worst happen and your camera is lost or stolen.