Stargate Universe will not big a movie

Bad news for sci-fi fans, the planned film version of  Stargate Universe has been officially cancelled. The latest TV iteration in the long-running franchise, starring Robert Carlyle, was cancelled in 2010 after only 2 series. Plans were then almost immediately set in motion to finish off the story on the big screen.

The writer, Brad Wright, has now confirmed that the SGU film idea has been scrapped. He said that it was taking too long to put together, they couldn’t meet the deadline and the project was now closed. This news effectively means that for the first time in nearly 20 years, there is no new ‘Stargate’ of any kind in production.

Wright spoke of his sadness at having to clear out his desk after 17 years. He insisted however, that he didn’t think this was the end of ‘Stargate’ forever, and he was confident that a forward thinker from  MGM would figure something out. The franchise has been extremely successful and as well as a film had 3 television versions – ‘Stargate SG1’, ‘Stargate Atlantis’ and the short lived ‘Stargate universe’.