Steven Spielberg says UK Film Council must be left alone

Steven Spielberg’s film studio today placed its backing behind the move to save the UK Film Council.

Spielberg’s, DreamWorks, has seen the production of a great number of Academy award winning films including Saving Private Ryan, War of the Worlds, and Gladiator.  The studio wrote a letter to Chancellor George Osborne, in which Spielberg expressed concern about the decision to abolish the quango.

The letter was signed by the studio’s president of production, Steven Molen.

DreamWorks has shot a number of films within the UK including Sweeney Todd, which starred Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp.

The letter comes at a time when the future of the council is uncertain.  The quango is responsible for disturbing lottery cash and overseeing a £60m budget.

Stephen Frears, the well known director, accused the Government today of putting the British film industry in jeopardy by destroying the Council without announcing any plans for what will replace it.

Frears and director Danny Boyle along with many top producers claim that negotiations to get large ticket films into Britain are being hurt by the looming uncertainty.

Boyle known for directing Slumdog Millionaire stated that if you want to build a strong film industry there needs to be continuity so that people are aware of how to go about developing a film because without that they are too worried to proceed given the high cost of filming.

Frears added that a system has to be in place and should have been developed and announced before the Film Council was abolished.